Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas and birthdays

Well what a fabulous christmas I have had.The children have been reduced to tears of joy.Why because people have been so kind and gave me second hand mobile phones in which the children were so delighted with .I hand made them phone cases to.Christmas need not be exspensive it is not the newest most impressive gifts it is about giving and my kids were over the moon cause they got a phone nothing more.No moans about them being second hand even though they knew.Nothing about it wasn't the model they wanted or the colour or not even a mention that I accidently left the pre owned and pre viewed stickers on Judes dvd's.Bronte loved her cheap perfume ,diary and socks.Judes birthdaqy is boxing day.Today that is and he got what he wanted so much.A portable dvd player.It was not the most exspensive and possibly not the best model on the market .But luckily due to kindness of people he got one and is so over the moon.I am so glad I have kids that appreciate what you have done for them rather than what label it is or is it new or the latest model.Love my kids to pieces TX

Saturday, 26 November 2011

homemade christmas

For many years now alot of my christmas presents have been handmade .Not only cause I refuse to buy into a commerical christmas but I feel better knowing all that horrible extra packaging will be limited..But as my kids are getting older it is harder to get away with as many handmade presents.Especially when you cannot hand knit an apple mac or handstitch a mobile phone haha.But I still try to ensure that they get handmade products by either making them myself or doing product swaps with other crafty friends.

To be able to support  to local crafters also gives me great satisfaction .I think to make something for someone just shows the amount of thought and man hours has gone into a handmade gift rather just buying 2 for 3 's at every large business racking in far to much money this year.A unique gift of handmade is far more meaningfull .And often these gifts are recycled so helping the enviroment along with it.So please lovely guys and gals less mass produced and more of quality handcrafted gifts.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sywell Hanger One

Oh my what can I say ???? I have finally found a place that feels so comfortable ,happy and relaxing.I have never felt so overwhelmed by peoples comments before .I was reduced to tears by all the fabulous and great feedback I have had from visitors and craftsmen and women. And so friendly and fun.I feel I have missed out on something for so long.I cannot express in words how I am feeling .I have never laughed and smiled as much as I have in the last two days.I have struggled because of joint pain etc but I am still laughing and smiling the through the pain.Which is difficult but feel to be in pain and discomfort for a few days was well worth the feeling I am experiencing now.My confidence has come on in leaps and bounds over the last two days .I have felt accepted with open arms and let into their little crafty family.I have felt in the past with some craft events that I could cut the air with a knife and felt that maybe I am seen as not good enough to exhibit my work as art.But I was whole heartidly taken under the wing and given the confidence and self assurance I have struggled to find before.Even my Mum and partner have said they have never seen me so happy in a long time.Here is to hoping I can join in again with this lovely family of quality craftsmen and women.

I so look forward to joining these lovely people again soon .

Friday, 4 November 2011

Operation new wheels .

Operation new wheels .I need a new wheelchair .Mine is cheap,solid and I cannot really get around as much as I would like .I cannot lift it in and out of the car on my own I have to rely on others to get it out of the car.So means I never have the luxury of getting out on my own and the freedom I truely want .So only thing to do is try and raise the money for it.They don't come cheap so I need to really do some hard work .I sit and create whilst at home .I sit stitching away to my hearts content.So I thought rather than them adorn my walls (even though I love them their and I will have lots of gaps )I will sell them and try to raise the money that way.

So these are the following times and places of where Bettysdelights works will be displayed .

Bettysdelights will be at Barton Hall Open studios on the 12th and 13th of November .The doors open at 11am and close at 5pm .Saturday and Sunday.

Bettysdelights will be at  Sywell aerodrome on the 19th and 20th of November .Over 85 stalls to browse so come along and make the day of it .One of Northamptonshires biggest craft events.

Bettysdelights will have a stall at Millbrook Junior school christmas fayre on Churchill way kettering. Opens their doors at 10 and closes at 2 so pop along and purchase those stocvking fillers.

Bettysdelights will be at Penn Green in Corby for a Christmas event on the 3rd of December .

Don't forget I have my website above you can see the pieces I produce and also visit my etsy shop .Or just visit me on facebook .Not gonna be an easy time for me I can see pain being a big part of the days but If I want to be able to get the freedom and maybe one day get to go back to work .I think it will be well worth it .So come along and support me thanks TX

Saturday, 27 August 2011

It hurts

I have been for sometime had a large file of historical medical interventions on my body.The file I say would make a very good door stop or even be of great use when pressing flowers.I have accepted all the problems that have arisen and faced them head on .But of late the pain has been just to much for even the smiler in me to deal with .I may from time to time put on a brave face and tried hard not to show just how much pain I am in .I told myself it was for other peoples benefit more than my own, they were used to seeing the brightly coloured bubbly smiley Tez wheeling around the town.Always laughing and joking and often trying to keep going so that others with problems would feel better if I could make them smile or laugh.I have been told that my outgoing brighlty coloured hair and sense of dress often makes them smile and then makes them feel happier .I like that feeling of making others smile but behind it all I am trying so hard not to just burst into tears and reveal all the pain that is being hidden.
This week I realised that I had to stop being the clown and using it as wall and stop being the stubborn mule.I can still be the smiler but I have to admit when enough is enough.I visited my doctor he has given me new painkillers to try ,fingers crossed they do not leave me in a commatosed state of vegitation like so many have before or make me sick like so many listed before.But at least he has put me forward for an xray to see what now is happening to an already surgically traumatised hip joint.
I have a body full of scars and cuts from years of surgeons taking a stab at me .I am already feeling like I am not quite in the room .Here in body but possibly not in other way.I have now got 7 tablets to take a day some to stop me being sick or upsetting my stomach some to cope with the serotonin levels in my brain from dipping like a scary rollercoaster and painkillers well as they are aptly named haha for the pain.I feel If I could jump I could pretend to be a maraca or childs shaker toy.But hey what else is their you can do .I hate drugs and I hate the side effects or the effects long term use will do to me but eventually their comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet and take the so easily offered prescription drugs.who knows what the effects will be this time.I have never been good with drugs my stomach seems to have a strong will when it comes to them.It never seems to be able to cope with many prescribed drugs but I am damned sure at 37 I will not be reduced to living with buckets and commodes in my house .I no way can have the man I love exsposed to such as horrible experience .I would rather just get on with the pain and try to not over do it .But this time the drugs may work and leave me with no huge side effects.Mind you saying that Im feeling I should go take a lie down.Lets just hope that they cause a little drowsiness and nothing more .Oh well could be worse TXX

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My painted shelves

The items that sit on my newly painted shelving unit are mine all mine ,I get so much joy from them , they are my treasures.My treasures are often items that have been given away or have parted from their origional owners.My most favourite items are  tea cups.I love my tea cups ,the teasets and jugs I think mainly kitchenalia.

I'm not sure why I get so excited over a single tea cup in the charity shop window .I don't use them to drink tea I don't even like tea .I drink the odd flavoured one oh and am rather parshall to an earl grey.But I am mainly a coffee girl.Maybe it is just my love of vintage items that makes me drawn towards them .I have my nans tea set that she had packed away in a box in her pantry .It is dark pink and the plates remind me of the old bakewell cakes with the white and brown icing we had as kids at her's.Anyway I do have other items on the newly painted shelf that is all mine.Eg cakestands ,old plates ,some ornaments and odds and ends.One of the cakestands was my nans and also a pale little marmalade jar .I think maybe it is a time and a era from which I would possibly have preferred to be .Or even could be just cause they were my nans and am holding onto fond memeories of that time  .Who knows what is going on in my head all I know is those items and my newly painted shelves make me smile Tx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

my homemade recycled home

My fun recycled zoo animal heads .Bernard my pimped resin moose head gave me this idea .You will meet him soon in my blog.


Inbetween caring for my kids and my stitching I love nothing more than adding to my homemade home.I love recycling stuff to make something interesting and something you could not buy in the shops and from the picture above Im thinking your saying And I can see why you would not be able to buy that in the shops haha.I do tend to come up with ideas that people would often screw their face up when I try to explain to them what I am creating.But I love my pieces and they just suit my home down to the ground.
I have loads of these
Bernard my lush pimped resin moose head .Pride of place on the fireplace showing my vintage wall paper of in style.

Tattoo decoupaged coffe table and yes that is Hugo my Dog .Keith the other one may crop up in some of my pics as they like to always get in on the act .

My christmas bauble chandler .Looks so lovely when the light is switched on.
We have painted and refurbished furniture in the past and created some fab bits to adorn my rooms.And created furnioture that you would not find or if you could would cost me an arm and a leg .I have created cakestands form teacups and bowls.Ornamental cupckes from spare diy foams and sealants .That was really good fun .Oh and Bernard My most wonderfull pimped resin moose head.I love him to pieces .I have enjoyed making my silver draw cutlery chandler which hangs in my living room.The christmas bauble chandler that is in my dining room.I just have so many ideas and I keep them all for me haha .My house is rather eclectic and full of colour ,nothing matches it all clashes and I love it .My house is cheerfull and yes possibly a tad tacky but It might not be to everyones taste but everyones smiles when they come in .I find the conversation drifts as they clock yet another item that takes them back.My tatto decoupaged chair and coffee table is one of my favs and so durable haha .The kids use it for everything .

Sunday, 22 May 2011

my fine weather craft room

I love how on fine weather days I can sit in the serene peace of my extended craft room.They say that your garden can be made into an extension of your house and my partner has surely made this come true .I can sit and watch the birds and the dragonflies whilst relaxing and crafting away in my little piece of serenity.My house maybe located in the busy town and next to main roads but it seems as though we are in our own little quiet corner.I sometimes hear fire engines ,police cars and the people vacating form the pub up the road .But It seems to be so far away in the background.The chaffinches that have made a nest in the buddleia on the roof next door chatter away and drown out the sound of speeding cars along the road.The dogs lay bathing in the sun rays on the decking .The only sounds around are that of nature,the sound of the pond pump trickling and  the noisy blackbird that torments the dogs next door with it's cheeky antics give me a little giggle.What more in life could I possibly ask for .

Friday, 20 May 2011

Finding .

I never seem to run out of images to stitch. In the past it has been classic pen and ink images such as Alice in Wonderland and now I have entered the music themed images.I seem to still get excited about that new piece I'm about to set to work on .At the moment Im experimenting with photo images of children and portraits .I must admit not my favourite of themes but never the less still interesting.I have mostly enjoyed the pen and ink work I feel whilst working on these pieces I fully got to grips with what I was good at and finally after years of crafting and painting I had finally found my niche.I now find myself ingrossed in stitching and never feeling happier