Sunday, 22 May 2011

my fine weather craft room

I love how on fine weather days I can sit in the serene peace of my extended craft room.They say that your garden can be made into an extension of your house and my partner has surely made this come true .I can sit and watch the birds and the dragonflies whilst relaxing and crafting away in my little piece of serenity.My house maybe located in the busy town and next to main roads but it seems as though we are in our own little quiet corner.I sometimes hear fire engines ,police cars and the people vacating form the pub up the road .But It seems to be so far away in the background.The chaffinches that have made a nest in the buddleia on the roof next door chatter away and drown out the sound of speeding cars along the road.The dogs lay bathing in the sun rays on the decking .The only sounds around are that of nature,the sound of the pond pump trickling and  the noisy blackbird that torments the dogs next door with it's cheeky antics give me a little giggle.What more in life could I possibly ask for .

Friday, 20 May 2011

Finding .

I never seem to run out of images to stitch. In the past it has been classic pen and ink images such as Alice in Wonderland and now I have entered the music themed images.I seem to still get excited about that new piece I'm about to set to work on .At the moment Im experimenting with photo images of children and portraits .I must admit not my favourite of themes but never the less still interesting.I have mostly enjoyed the pen and ink work I feel whilst working on these pieces I fully got to grips with what I was good at and finally after years of crafting and painting I had finally found my niche.I now find myself ingrossed in stitching and never feeling happier