Saturday, 26 November 2011

homemade christmas

For many years now alot of my christmas presents have been handmade .Not only cause I refuse to buy into a commerical christmas but I feel better knowing all that horrible extra packaging will be limited..But as my kids are getting older it is harder to get away with as many handmade presents.Especially when you cannot hand knit an apple mac or handstitch a mobile phone haha.But I still try to ensure that they get handmade products by either making them myself or doing product swaps with other crafty friends.

To be able to support  to local crafters also gives me great satisfaction .I think to make something for someone just shows the amount of thought and man hours has gone into a handmade gift rather just buying 2 for 3 's at every large business racking in far to much money this year.A unique gift of handmade is far more meaningfull .And often these gifts are recycled so helping the enviroment along with it.So please lovely guys and gals less mass produced and more of quality handcrafted gifts.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sywell Hanger One

Oh my what can I say ???? I have finally found a place that feels so comfortable ,happy and relaxing.I have never felt so overwhelmed by peoples comments before .I was reduced to tears by all the fabulous and great feedback I have had from visitors and craftsmen and women. And so friendly and fun.I feel I have missed out on something for so long.I cannot express in words how I am feeling .I have never laughed and smiled as much as I have in the last two days.I have struggled because of joint pain etc but I am still laughing and smiling the through the pain.Which is difficult but feel to be in pain and discomfort for a few days was well worth the feeling I am experiencing now.My confidence has come on in leaps and bounds over the last two days .I have felt accepted with open arms and let into their little crafty family.I have felt in the past with some craft events that I could cut the air with a knife and felt that maybe I am seen as not good enough to exhibit my work as art.But I was whole heartidly taken under the wing and given the confidence and self assurance I have struggled to find before.Even my Mum and partner have said they have never seen me so happy in a long time.Here is to hoping I can join in again with this lovely family of quality craftsmen and women.

I so look forward to joining these lovely people again soon .

Friday, 4 November 2011

Operation new wheels .

Operation new wheels .I need a new wheelchair .Mine is cheap,solid and I cannot really get around as much as I would like .I cannot lift it in and out of the car on my own I have to rely on others to get it out of the car.So means I never have the luxury of getting out on my own and the freedom I truely want .So only thing to do is try and raise the money for it.They don't come cheap so I need to really do some hard work .I sit and create whilst at home .I sit stitching away to my hearts content.So I thought rather than them adorn my walls (even though I love them their and I will have lots of gaps )I will sell them and try to raise the money that way.

So these are the following times and places of where Bettysdelights works will be displayed .

Bettysdelights will be at Barton Hall Open studios on the 12th and 13th of November .The doors open at 11am and close at 5pm .Saturday and Sunday.

Bettysdelights will be at  Sywell aerodrome on the 19th and 20th of November .Over 85 stalls to browse so come along and make the day of it .One of Northamptonshires biggest craft events.

Bettysdelights will have a stall at Millbrook Junior school christmas fayre on Churchill way kettering. Opens their doors at 10 and closes at 2 so pop along and purchase those stocvking fillers.

Bettysdelights will be at Penn Green in Corby for a Christmas event on the 3rd of December .

Don't forget I have my website above you can see the pieces I produce and also visit my etsy shop .Or just visit me on facebook .Not gonna be an easy time for me I can see pain being a big part of the days but If I want to be able to get the freedom and maybe one day get to go back to work .I think it will be well worth it .So come along and support me thanks TX