Saturday, 26 November 2011

homemade christmas

For many years now alot of my christmas presents have been handmade .Not only cause I refuse to buy into a commerical christmas but I feel better knowing all that horrible extra packaging will be limited..But as my kids are getting older it is harder to get away with as many handmade presents.Especially when you cannot hand knit an apple mac or handstitch a mobile phone haha.But I still try to ensure that they get handmade products by either making them myself or doing product swaps with other crafty friends.

To be able to support  to local crafters also gives me great satisfaction .I think to make something for someone just shows the amount of thought and man hours has gone into a handmade gift rather just buying 2 for 3 's at every large business racking in far to much money this year.A unique gift of handmade is far more meaningfull .And often these gifts are recycled so helping the enviroment along with it.So please lovely guys and gals less mass produced and more of quality handcrafted gifts.

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