Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas and birthdays

Well what a fabulous christmas I have had.The children have been reduced to tears of joy.Why because people have been so kind and gave me second hand mobile phones in which the children were so delighted with .I hand made them phone cases to.Christmas need not be exspensive it is not the newest most impressive gifts it is about giving and my kids were over the moon cause they got a phone nothing more.No moans about them being second hand even though they knew.Nothing about it wasn't the model they wanted or the colour or not even a mention that I accidently left the pre owned and pre viewed stickers on Judes dvd's.Bronte loved her cheap perfume ,diary and socks.Judes birthdaqy is boxing day.Today that is and he got what he wanted so much.A portable dvd player.It was not the most exspensive and possibly not the best model on the market .But luckily due to kindness of people he got one and is so over the moon.I am so glad I have kids that appreciate what you have done for them rather than what label it is or is it new or the latest model.Love my kids to pieces TX

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  1. sounds perfect Terri, happy new year to you all. I hope 2012 brings more happiness and less trauma.x