Sunday, 29 July 2012


I have for some time been battling with myself at what life will hold for me.Being disabled and in pain on a daily basis kind of makes things difficult for me.I cannot hold down a job due to things getting to much for my hips but want to and want to feel I am making a differance and am contributing.Well I have a list of voluntary positions I have done.Here are some.

  • Sure start office worker = 6months.
  • Head chairperson for charity based after school club = Approximately 2 years.
  • Charity shop worker .
  • Dostiyo ,I run a craft session for the ladies.
  • NCS = National citizenhip service  .Week of tutoring ,caring and working with 16 and 17 year olds.

 I never knew what exactly was for me on the volunteering front.I have enjoyed all the positions in which I took part in .But one has really stood out from the others.I never once thought I would be good with teenagers !!!!.They scared me and I often would look at them and judge them by the way they behaved.But I found that when working with young adults that had behavoural issues ,adhd, dyspraxia,autism and general issues at home or background.I found fell into a comfortbale understanding world.I was shocked at first but then as I got to learn about the young adults and their problems it hit me how wrong I had been to judge them on what I believed were just anti social behavioural problems.These young adults had problems beyond belief and as the week went on they learn't to trust me and I them.I loved being around them and loved spending time with them.I have never loved ,laughed and cried so much in one week.It was an emotional rollercoaster but one I would so do again.I now am finding I smile when I wake ,I laugh more,I am far more laid back and see things really differantly than before.I understand better young adults and the problems they have .I now know what I was mean't to do and that has made me one very happy lady .And apparently I am a natural youth worker and I tend to agree .I have never met such a loving ,caring bunch of kids .They have so much to offer and I felt that week we made them believe in themselves ....they enjoyed their time spent with us and I to with them ...Oh I am gooey again haha ....:))))))))))) .I am going to leave it there but I know youth work will be somewhere I definately visit again .Terri

Saturday, 7 July 2012

oh dear my blogging skills definately need brushing up on.

Hmmmm not really good at blogging. I keep promising myself I will blog then I get writers block.And then I forget or just run out of time.I know I should and  know that I will not get to show all you wonderfull people out their in the world my passions and my art.

I am terrible at tweeting ,Really still don't fully understand it .And again forget to do it.I have tried pinterest and lost interest but then sometimes I remember and post a few bits and bobs.I forget my emails and rarely check my website.I think my mind is more on creating physically than creating a blog with my fingertips.I will get there eventually .I think my brain just needs time to get used to it all haha.I lost interest in technology some time ago ,actually many years ago when I saw how it seemed to effect peoples means of communicating.I found rude people talking on phones when at the cash register.I found people cutting me up in the street walking into me due to texting .People answering phones while driving and not caring about the consequences.I think  I am possibly not against technology as much as I go on about it  but possibly more the people that use it haha.People listening to mp3 players or i pods whilst in public seems to me to give the impression they are rude and do not want to speak to anyone .And often end up slamming on the brakes to stop hitting them as they did not look to check for cars as normal but they could not hear them due to the high levels of music in their eardrums.

Haha how on earth has this blog gone from my bad bloggin skills to rudeness of people .........oh I see haha I think I went of trail somewhere .Anyway blogging .................................................................... um yes ...yeah sorry must try harder ; ) TX