Wednesday, 8 June 2011

my homemade recycled home

My fun recycled zoo animal heads .Bernard my pimped resin moose head gave me this idea .You will meet him soon in my blog.


Inbetween caring for my kids and my stitching I love nothing more than adding to my homemade home.I love recycling stuff to make something interesting and something you could not buy in the shops and from the picture above Im thinking your saying And I can see why you would not be able to buy that in the shops haha.I do tend to come up with ideas that people would often screw their face up when I try to explain to them what I am creating.But I love my pieces and they just suit my home down to the ground.
I have loads of these
Bernard my lush pimped resin moose head .Pride of place on the fireplace showing my vintage wall paper of in style.

Tattoo decoupaged coffe table and yes that is Hugo my Dog .Keith the other one may crop up in some of my pics as they like to always get in on the act .

My christmas bauble chandler .Looks so lovely when the light is switched on.
We have painted and refurbished furniture in the past and created some fab bits to adorn my rooms.And created furnioture that you would not find or if you could would cost me an arm and a leg .I have created cakestands form teacups and bowls.Ornamental cupckes from spare diy foams and sealants .That was really good fun .Oh and Bernard My most wonderfull pimped resin moose head.I love him to pieces .I have enjoyed making my silver draw cutlery chandler which hangs in my living room.The christmas bauble chandler that is in my dining room.I just have so many ideas and I keep them all for me haha .My house is rather eclectic and full of colour ,nothing matches it all clashes and I love it .My house is cheerfull and yes possibly a tad tacky but It might not be to everyones taste but everyones smiles when they come in .I find the conversation drifts as they clock yet another item that takes them back.My tatto decoupaged chair and coffee table is one of my favs and so durable haha .The kids use it for everything .


  1. It looks great Terri. I love the cutlery chandelier and animal head frame. (Btw if you want sell any side plates of the pink set, I've been on the lookout for some. I have this, but only dinner plates, bowls and serving bowls.)

  2. Thanks hun .Is only a small amount of random stuff that adorns the abode haha.I would have sold you the plates etc hun but they have been all used to make the cake/sandwich stands .It was a bargain purchase ages ago in Cancer research.I made them for the stall at kettering arts market when I did the fake cakes .If I see any come up at work ( I should say before anybody gets excited it is a charity shop not paid work haha ) I'll give you the nod hun .Tx