Friday, 18 May 2012

What is a girl to do ? I don't know !!!!!!

I have just yet yet another Etsy bill threw.And yet again I have not sold a thing.I have alot of people liking my work and listing in treasury's but I am thinking how long can I go with not even making the cost of the billing back?.I have just re set myslef back up on Folksy which I closed shop for a while whilst ill .Only ever sold a few things on there to .Still not covering costs of listing though.I am wondering is it time to give up on the internet market places and just make for the sheer joy of it . Do the odd craft fayre just as a social thing and hope that I may sell the odd thing just to cover costs.Thing is I will never be able to do loads of craft fayres due to my disablilty.It hurts to much to sit for all that time and I suffer for to longer period after them.I really am at a point of not knowing what is best.
 I am thinking without my crafts though I will get bored ,life will be pretty crap so I would have to continue in some way.

I have my voluntary job as the craftgroup leader at Dostiyo that comes up once in a while .But is not a weekly thing for me.I think I need to find something I can do to make me feel useful and not spend money.

I am thinking now I have my scooter I maybe able to volunteer again for the charity shop for a few hours again .Not being able to access the loo's was a big issue in my wheelchair ,but now I am more mobile with the scooter I can always use a public loo .I want and need something to do .And socially I need a way to get out more often .Hmmmmmmmm If I had a few hours in a shop at least that would be less time at home getting bored or crafting so much that it is costly and taking up so much room.ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHH haha what is a girl to do ???????

HELP !!! haha


  1. Aww, Terri. What an awful position to find yourself in. I think the solution is to be found in what causes you the most amount of worry. Is it not having a job? Or is it really important that you are earning some money? These are not quite the same thing.

    If not having a job is not causing you to worry, then I would say get yourself out there and do some volunteering. Did you know that the Council are now taking on 'official' volunteers in the gallery and museum? They get a proper agreement and recognition now - but this is only quite recent.

    I made the decision years ago that my writing would be primarily a hobby, but if I was lucky enough to sell a couple of stories (or dare I say it ... a novel ... making money out of my writing would always be secondary. Unfortunately, like writers, people who have craft skills don't make loads of money even though the skill levels are at least equal to those who can sing (like Jimi) or can act (like Marilyn). Life isn't fair, is it? We are blessed with talent, but then society decides which talents it wants to pay a premium price for and which ones to which it gives a sharp nod of acknowledgement, raises a appreciative eyebrow at, and then moves onto the next big 'talent' which now appears to be a dog!

    If making some money is important to you, then I would say just concentrate on the free marketing available on the internet (such as this blog for instance). Attend a few selective craft fairs where you will enjoy attending, as well as perhaps selling some of your work. Link in with other bloggers and decide how much money you will be satisfied with making. Set yourself a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound)and then break open the bubbly when you reach it.

    Good luck, Terri. You deserve some.


  2. Oh thank you hunny.I think I get frustrated cause I can't earn money .I have always apart from a few years when the kids were tiny have always brought money in .I am still very bitter about my ex making me leave a job I got alot from cause he said he could earn more.I have always been so independant with buying my own house at 19 , think I possibly was the only single female in kettering at the time that was given a mortgage ,I was refused so many times.And then lived and supported myself for years untill my medical problems began to really kick in and give me problems .I managed to live as a single parent for some time with medical issues but still felt happy within myself .I was volunteering at the time to which helped an awfull lot.Now all I feel is useless.I am struggling to find things I can do without suffering to much or it costing the earth.I am sick and tired of claiming .I have never claimed in my life and it really does not sit well with me in the least.I feel people look at me as a lazy arse that just lives of the state and the look of she has a chip on her shoulder etc unfortunately I think we have Jeremy Kyle to thank for that attitude or should I say the people who fight and scramble to get on JK .And to be honest with the dwp and the government doing what they are doing to a lot of disabled people it scares me and makes me feel less of a person I had to fight to get my benefit back a while back cause they said I was fit for work yet only months before I lost my job due to them saying I could not do my job and they were unable to find an opening that I would be fit forit is madness .I know they have to do it but it is so stressfull and I really could have done without it .I am constantly living on the fear of losing everything it scares me.I hate the fact that Chris cannot find a job and the fact that he could never do more than part -time due to me needing him so much .And the fear of if he does work will be worse of.I already feel guilty I cannot afford to do days out with the kids let alone holidays etc .I get v frustrated that people are on my back all the time for money I explain our situation but no one seems to care.

    I think when it boils down to it I need to feel usefull and needed in some way .I think the way to go is to volunteer again and not beat myself up cause I can do what others can which I did last time and just ensure I know what I am doing is helping and not being in the way.I loved working in KCu shop but with the wheelchair and the loo a very flight of stairs above me became an issue .But know I have my electric betty mobile I could easily manage to ride round to a public loo.I think Monday I will be ringing them to sort this out .The way I have to look at it is that some people are made to work hard and support others and some are made to volunteer and help others that way.The world would be a bit messed up if it were not for volunteer's haha .Shame I can say this to others but then me believing what I tell others is another thing.

    The dog thing haha well yes the general public do baffle me haha .I think I will continue with my crafting and as you say just continue with free marketing ,do the odd fayre as I love it socially even though I suffer for days after haha.And I think maybe an odd charitable gift of some stuff I have done will make me feel better and have more room to continue haha.If my work can make some money for charity then it has to be worth it .Better than hanging around my place gathering dust and not earning anything for anyone.

    I have a friend in the gallery who is paid so I may have a word with her .I can access via the library so that would not be an issue .I think a few hours here and their would be very good for me .Free's Chris up a bit to .I feel bad he really gets no time to himself .Thank you hunny I really appreciate your input and support .TX

  3. You are most welcome, Terri. Volunteering is becoming really important nowadays, and giving your time to someone else is the most precious thing you will ever give them.

    You can give money to charity - and then work for half an hour and you have made that money back. It has a value and then it is up to the charity to derive the benefit from it. But give someone your time - now that's a different story altogether! On this earth we all have a finite amount time - only so many years, days, hours, minutes and seconds - then we die. If you give someone an hour of your time, you can't ever get it back. That's why giving someone your time is so precious.

  4. What a lovely way to put it hunny haha but then you are a writer hehe I should have expected no less.I will and have enquiried so I will just wait and see what happens .But I will have a voluntary job soon .Thank you hun TX