Saturday, 17 March 2012

New pieces

One of my favs.Stamp in stitchwork mounted onto a canvas and beautifull vintage buttons stitched on .some are plastic ,some shell..Lace was added on the edges of the canvas before the buttons added .

Add captiona famous taooists work.I drew onto the fabric and then handstitched onto the fabric .I then mounted the oiece onto a small canvas and applied a red floral border .

Make do and mend.I had stitched the sewing machine and then text before but never got round to mounting as I could not find the perfect frmae for it .So I addd  l;ace to the edges of the canvas and then stithced the piece to the lace.I then added the buttons and mounted the piece to a medium canvas .All of these pictures have been backed with white felt to produce a professional finish.

Another of my favs.This was made from buttons ,ribbins ,fabric pieces ,sequins etc.It was laid onto a piece of wauding for a puffed look .I think neatened the back and the edges using white felt and red strip.

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