Sunday, 14 July 2013

What has Betty been upto ?

Well I have been busy .I know I am a terrible blogger but I try when I remember .I must really pull one's finger out.

Anyway I have been voluntering and working with The Rushden cluster (Rusheden community college ) and various Rushden schools.We have been working on a collaboration With Northamptonshire county council and Doc Martens.

I was approached and asked if I could design and create a Doc marten boot that could be made completely from landfill waste .I Went to meetings and found out what ideas' they had and how we do it.The kids loved the idea.And they had some fab idea's .We eventually settled on a scuplture that we could fill with household waste.So I went away and made a small mock up using materials and watse from the Pheonix recycling centre in Raunds.I came up with this.
Next step was to create a larger version for the kids to decorate and fill with household waste.

Good thing the weather has been nice and a partner that can follow instructions.
The construction off the boot took 4 days on and off.Chris my partner was a huge help.So this was the 3and half ft boot in my garden .All constructed from materials rescued from landfill.I had some netting too that was to go on the boot. I decided to let the kids put that on and then we had been given scrap leather ,laces soles that were going to landfill from Doc Martens.We would use these to decorate the boot.I then left the children to decorate the boot how they wanted to .They had some great ideas and asked if they were possible and they then went ahead and created this .

The boot is now moving round Rushden and surrounding area.I believe it is currently in Higham high street in an empty shop window.Then will be moving onto Asda,waitrose and then Rushden library.

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