Monday, 26 November 2012

Long time no blog

Hey sorry it has been so long But I am not great at blogging and find it hard to get the incling to actually do anything blog wise .But I do try to remember .I have seen researching and experimenting with style and colouring of my work .I hope to keep on experimenting and go where creativity takes me.

I have started to think and pressure myself with creating for money but to just create because I love it and it seems to be a better way for me to go and seem to have flogged a few bits to so all good haha. this is a short and sweet blog and I will get back soon to blog soon.I have my website to update and rearrange but this damned weather does really not suit me .Whether it be SAD or just pain due to disabled hips.Anyway I cam going to try harder .But here are afew pics I have been working on to keep you going.Thanks Tx

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