Sunday, 29 July 2012


I have for some time been battling with myself at what life will hold for me.Being disabled and in pain on a daily basis kind of makes things difficult for me.I cannot hold down a job due to things getting to much for my hips but want to and want to feel I am making a differance and am contributing.Well I have a list of voluntary positions I have done.Here are some.

  • Sure start office worker = 6months.
  • Head chairperson for charity based after school club = Approximately 2 years.
  • Charity shop worker .
  • Dostiyo ,I run a craft session for the ladies.
  • NCS = National citizenhip service  .Week of tutoring ,caring and working with 16 and 17 year olds.

 I never knew what exactly was for me on the volunteering front.I have enjoyed all the positions in which I took part in .But one has really stood out from the others.I never once thought I would be good with teenagers !!!!.They scared me and I often would look at them and judge them by the way they behaved.But I found that when working with young adults that had behavoural issues ,adhd, dyspraxia,autism and general issues at home or background.I found fell into a comfortbale understanding world.I was shocked at first but then as I got to learn about the young adults and their problems it hit me how wrong I had been to judge them on what I believed were just anti social behavioural problems.These young adults had problems beyond belief and as the week went on they learn't to trust me and I them.I loved being around them and loved spending time with them.I have never loved ,laughed and cried so much in one week.It was an emotional rollercoaster but one I would so do again.I now am finding I smile when I wake ,I laugh more,I am far more laid back and see things really differantly than before.I understand better young adults and the problems they have .I now know what I was mean't to do and that has made me one very happy lady .And apparently I am a natural youth worker and I tend to agree .I have never met such a loving ,caring bunch of kids .They have so much to offer and I felt that week we made them believe in themselves ....they enjoyed their time spent with us and I to with them ...Oh I am gooey again haha ....:))))))))))) .I am going to leave it there but I know youth work will be somewhere I definately visit again .Terri


  1. Great news Terri. I used to work with Youth Action in Bedford and it was so rewarding. Thankyou for writing the post, it made me smile and remember.

  2. Oh I so enjoyed it and look forward to working with them again.They give you so much and thrive also on what you can give them.I came home with the biggest smile I was ssssoooooooo happy when I woke each morning and I believe I am lucky enough to do some more work with them soon . I sooooooooo cannot wait .TX